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Tell Your Pastor Thank You

What do you say to a pastor after his sermon? Here’s a suggestion. Simply,

“Thank you.”

Even if it wasn’t a particularly good sermon, or you didn’t seem to get anything from it, the pastor has labored over the Scriptures to feed you, and that’s worthy of gratitude.

Over the years I have received many different responses after a sermon. The most common:

“Good sermon.”

I welcome it warmly, of course. But to be honest, it doesn’t carry much lasting meaning, especially in the post-sermon enslaught of insecurity.

True meaning comes in a sincere thank you.

Better still is when someone shares one thing from the sermon that ministered to them. That gives the preacher hope that God is working through the labor.

To be sure, you don’t have to have a wordy response after every sermon. And certainly don’t speak flattery. After all, as I heard a pastor say,

“Sermons are like home cooked meals: most of them are average—but the children are fed and they grow.”

I just thought I’d share from the perspective of a preacher so that you might bless your pastor. Say thank you.

Artwork: Lynsey Auld, "The Shepherd"


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