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Bradley R. Bell

My name is Bradley Bell. Here's some of my journey.

1984: Grew up on a cattle and tobacco farm in Monticello, Kentucky.

1997: Became a Christian at thirteen.

2001: Committed to vocational ministry at seventeen.

2004: Served as youth minister at First Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Kentucky.

2008: Graduated from the University of the Cumberlands with a BA in Religion and Communications Arts.

2008: Served as a missionary in East Africa.

2011: Married Katie and moved to Louisville, Kentucky.

2013: Served as a missions pastor at Sojourn Church Midtown.

2013: Began writing for The Upstream Collective and published The Sending Church Defined.

2014: Graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with an MA in Missiology.

2014: Began welcoming our four daughters, Elisabeth, Charlotte, Anneliese, and Madeleine.

2017: Served as the lead pastor at Antioch Church. 

2024: Began serving as the executive director of Upstream Equipping.

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